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Enhancing Communication through Difference

Equality Edge specialises in diversity and communication in the real and digital worlds. Services have been developed to help clients leverage maximum benefit from following an active diversity agenda, ensuring their communication is respectful, affirming and valuing. Equality Edge develops projects to meet clients’ needs and delivers them through training, coaching and public speaking.

Equality Edge was set up at the end of 2006 by Michael Lassman, who has over thirty years' experience as a diversity practitioner. Since then consultancies have been commissioned from public bodies, private companies and third sector agencies, delivered to individuals, groups and whole organisations.

Working with Difference

“Working with Difference" is the signature project of Equality Edge and underpins all its services. It acknowledges the impact individuality and personal difference has on one’s ability to communicate effectively in the workplace and beyond, whether face-to-face or digitally. Positive communication leads to positive outcomes, making “Working with Difference” a perfect tool for personal, team and organisational development.


Diversity and communication services lead to improved working environments, whilst also fulfilling legislative requirements and maximising opportunities for all. They enable people to get the most out of the relationships they form, by ensuring they reach other people in a genuine and authentic way. Enabling people to be heard and understood is fundamental to improved workplace relationships. It is accepted that high quality communication within staff teams, with managers, colleagues, clients and customers is a major key to success in organisations. During the past ten years increasing amounts of our communication is maintained on digital platforms and the same skills are needed, though often unutilised.

Equality Edge services enable clients to raise their internal and external practices, becoming more aware of the impact of difference on achieving effective communication. Through intervention clients become more productive and efficient, ultimately increasing bottom line returns.


Interactive training workshops are available to organisations wanting incorporate improved diversity practices and communication skills within their organisation. Programmes are customised to meet the exact needs of the organisation or team. They are delivered in an accessible, non-confrontational style with full participation encouraged. Most Equality Edge training courses are PowerPoint free, dynamic and incorporate a strong element of fun and enjoyment, whilst being conscious of not diminishing the seriousness of the content.

Open workshops for up to sixteen people are delivered quarterly in London and are available in other areas. They give participants an opportunity to be introduced to "Working with Difference" in an informal environment with workers from other organisations.


Coaching is available both one-to-one or in small groups to examine the personal drivers towards and barriers preventing communication best practice. “Working with Difference” coaching is developmental and transformative.

Coaching services are regularly used as an intervention tool in situations of workplace bullying or harassment. Mediation and conflict resolution coaching is proving a very valuable asset to many organisations minimising the potential negative impact and excessive cost of grievances and accusations of bullying.


Michael Lassman is a highly experienced public and motivational speaker. He brings his subjects of diversity, inclusion and communication to life, offering a full interactive package of speaking options. He is equally comfortable on stage in front of large audiences or in a performance workshop. He also offers conference and meeting chairing services.


Contact through social media and other digital platforms has become a critical part of contemporary personal and organisational communication. However many people forget simple rules of authenticity, respect and value and need support to ensure maximum return on time invested in virtual world communication. Services are available one-to-one, in teams or as part of open Learning & Support Groups.


Lorna Wilson

Research and Development Manager at Wheatley Group

Public Speaking

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic session you delivered for us. You will know yourself from the immediate responses that you went down a storm! I’ve arranged many events/ training/ seminars over the years, most of which have been successful, however I’ve never received such great feedback from so many people. Just about everyone who attended has either emailed or come to see me to say that they really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it. The challenge now is to keep the momentum going!

Albert Wright

Digital Youth Academy


Michael is a great facilitator and group leader. He exerts influence by including everyone and through gentle, persistent persuasion.

He is also a superb trainer, one of the best users of stories and metaphor I have met and has an in depth knowledge of digital communication platforms.

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Equality Edge is an independent consultancy providing workshops, coaching, public speaking and other consultancies to help its clients improve their communication, ensuring it is always respectful, affirming and valuing.

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